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Cleaning & Caring

Cleaning & Caring



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£ £

18-metre (59 ft) clothesline – just one metre (3 ft) when stored away.


Display. Contain. Store. Sort. Separate waste – and even sit comfortably.


Ingeniously versatile: UV-C box and stick in one. Eliminates bacteria and viruses. At home and while you’re out and about.


Protect yourself from mites, germs and microbes in your bed.


Your smartphone: Wirelessly charged and disinfected at the same time.

Sold out

Lighter. Quieter. With 90° articulated joint and integrated hand-held vacuum cleaner. At a very good price.


Fits under almost every door. Elegant like a fine carpet, but tough on dust, mud and dirt.


The first dishwasher rack specifically for sustainable drinking straws.


The clever dish drainer never takes up unnecessary space.

e. g. Colour: Anthracite

Large volume, small footprint. Perfect for the kitchen and on the table.


Saves time – and space in your toolbox.


Will keep your deep-frying fat clean up to 3 times longer.


Holds cutting boards, drinking bottles, carafes, ... non-slip and tilt-resistant. And your work space stays dry.


Dust-free in no time. No strenuous stooping. No twisting or contorting. No ladder required.


Instant overview and order in cupboards, drawers, shelves, ...


A dry coat and clean paws in a jiffy. And no unpleasant smells.


Freshness and shine with every dishwashing cycle.


With the wool razor, you can remove pilling nodules in no time.


Special, highly flexible brush – fits through radiator grilles even underneath windowsills.


Natural freshness in your fridge.


Less bending and reaching required.


This ingenious waste bin saves up to 3 times as much space as others of the same size.


Hygienic cleanliness – no chance for bacteria.


Feels soft to the touch, flexible and without sharp edges.

Sold out

Strong against dirt, but gentle on coatings.


Beats countless conventional microfibre cloths: Happy Wipey cleans more gently, more effectively.

e. g. Tree of Life (by Diana Francis)

A multifunctional drainer and storage solution for the sink.

e. g. 1 Piece

Perfect cleaning, kitchen and bath cloths.

e. g. Bath Cloths

Holds your washing up equipment – tidy, dry and at hand.


Sparkling clean without much effort – and without scratches or traces of abrasion. Naturally antibacterial.

e. g. Copper Cloth, Set of 5

No polishing. No chemicals.


Suitable for all sinks and attaches magnetically, even across a corner.


The new generation cleaning cloth: More thorough, durable and hygienic.


Looks after your dishes, your machine, the environment – and saves you money.


No more pesky fruit flies. Effective and environmentally friendly trap in decorative apple shape.


More absorbent, a better grip, much softer and 100% lint-free.

e. g. Colour: Grey

The silicone toilet brush from the British designer Joseph Joseph.

e. g. Stainless Steel

20 twirling microfibre strips quickly absorb all moisture – even in places where tea towels can’t reach.

e. g. 1 piece

The cleaning power of microfibre and the antibacterial effect of pure silver.

e. g. Antibacterial Kitchen Pads, Set of 4

No comparison to the functional look of conventional toilet brushes.


Silver Plater - adds silver while you polish.

e. g. Silver Plater, 150ml (5floz)
Price per litre £233

Saves space on cutting boards and counter tops and keeps your kitchen clean.


Protects clothing, shoes, sportswear etc. from moisture and mould. No power socket needed.

e. g. Additional dehumidifier, set of 2

Timelessly elegant, simple design. Much more beautiful than plastic or cold metal.

Sold out

Squeegee quickly and easily and aspirate at the same time.


Noticeably cleans more thoroughly.


Back-friendly sweeping, without bending down – thanks to the telescopic handle.


Safer (and prettier): With extra deep steps. Yet collapsible to a thin 4cm (1.6").

e. g. “Triple” Step
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