High-Tech Cleaning Cloths, Set of 5

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Cuisine

More absorbent, a better grip, much softer and 100% lint-free.

The latest high-tech cleaning cloths: Can be used damp or dry.

Far more absorbent than linen, with less lint than cotton, a better grip than traditional microfibre cloths and softer than a chamois window cloth, these ingenious high-tech cleaning cloths will allow you to clean any smooth surface in a single wipe. All you need is water, no detergents necessary. Even drying slender glasses and vases will be easy using these soft fleece cloths. Perfect for all your household needs. 
Ideal for both damp and dry cleaning. 
The intricately made microfilaments electrostatically attract even microfine dust particles and absorb up to 4 times their own weight in water. Smears and watermarks do not have a chance to develop. 
100% microfibre (70% polyester, 30% polyamide). Measures 50 x 58cm (19.7" x 22.8"). Cloths can be washed hygienically at 95°C.

The secret is in the unique surface structure.

In a newly developed high tech process, millions of individual filaments are mixed together, compacted to an extreme level with a high-pressure water jet and broken down into ultra-fine microfilaments (diameter 0.1 denier). The large number of compact microfilaments and their extraordinary fineness give an extremely high thread count that increases and accelerates water and particle absorption.


By Kate K. on 04.08.2018

Super kitchen cloths

So much better than the traditional kitchen towels. Truly worth recommending!