Pima Cotton All-Weather Cargos

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Rain simply beads off.
  • Freedom of movement is part of the package.

Rare functional pima cotton fabric: Protects from the wind, rain and cold.

Wonderfully soft with a natural feel – these trousers have a lot of special hidden features. In contrast to many functional trousers made with synthetics, these are pima cotton, one of the finest cottons in the world. The thickness and volume of this durable cloth is increased through a process consisting of repeated sanding, brushing and shearing on both sides. It envelops a pocket of insulating air which makes the trousers pleasantly warm and keeps the wind at bay, but lets your skin breathe. And they can handle any strain.
Rain simply beads off.
A brief shower or a bike ride through a puddle are no threat. These trousers will keep you dry. Each individual fibre has its own ultra-thin moisture protection shield. You can’t feel it and it doesn’t limit breathability. Two pleasant side effects: The colour won’t fade and the trousers are particularly easy to iron.
Freedom of movement is part of the package.
2% elastane adds comfortable elasticity. The comfortably stretchy waistband can expand an extra 4cm (1.1″), and the rubberised coating on the inside keeps your shirt or T-shirt tucked in.

Relaxed cargo style with two front, back and leg pockets each. Colour: Navy. Inseam in size 34″R : 84cm (33.1″). Leg width at hem: 42cm (16.5″). 98% cotton, 2% elastane. Machine wash.



By Margaret W. on 11.09.2018

Pima Cotton All-Weather Cargos

Excellent fit and shape.