Hollington Nehru Cotton Shirt

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

Hollington’s original stand-up collar shirt.

Stand-up collars are in vogue, but for most manufacturers they are a passing fad. Patric Hollington, on the other hand, has been a devotee of the stand-up collar – the only type of shirt collar he makes – for over 40 years. He named it the Nehru collar – as a tribute to Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of modern-day India and probably one of the best-dressed politicians of his time, whose particular fondness for stand-up collars was well known.
A “must” for Hollington – 2 pockets!
As a self-confessed pocket fan, Patric Hollington has incorporated 2 practical breast pockets in this shirt. For a casual look you can combine this shirt with jeans, chinos, linen and canvas trousers. The subtle, tonal stripes that have been woven in are a trustworthy sign of first class fabric.

Casual, straight cut. Length in collar size 16″/16.5″: 75.5cm (29.7″). Sleeve length: 65cm (25.6″). 100% cotton. Machine wash.



By George S. on 12.09.2018

Nehru shirt

It's a great shirt, partied with it and looks so natural, no tie needed!