Pullover made of Baby Alpaca Wool and Silk

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Fits into any hand luggage and is sturdy enough for everyday use.

Light as a feather yet durable: The all-season basic pullover made from a blend of baby alpaca wool and silk.

By alpaca wool specialist Clark Ross.

This pullover is made from gently spun yarn and is softly knitted. In size 40, it weighs just 112g (4 oz). It shimmers elegantly and feels wonderfully soft against bare skin. It can be worn with or without a shirt underneath, it does not make you look bulkier if worn under a jacket, and can be placed over the shoulders like a warm scarf.
Fits into any hand luggage and is sturdy enough for everyday use.
Although it is almost as soft as cashmere, baby alpaca wool is amazingly resilient. The rare luxury yarn is less sensitive to abrasion and pilling than other, comparable soft yarns and it hardly absorbs odours. Due to the natural elasticity of the fibres, the pullover also optimally retains its shape. Blending with climate-regulating silk makes the pullover airy and light and suitable to be worn year round and provides for a delicate touch.

Casual, straight style. Length in size 40: 68cm (26.8˝). Colour: Latte macchiato. 70% alpaca wool, 30% silk. Hand wash only. Made in Peru.


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