The luxury of a genuine camel hair pullover.

A genuine camel hair pullover is rare to find nowadays and even rarer at such a reasonable price. This classic cut round-neck pullover only costs £179 in spite of its premium fashioning. Each individual pullover piece is a fully-fashioned knit and only linked together afterwards. Especially the attachment of the sleeves deserves special notice. They fit exactly into the elaborately made saddle shoulders – a craft that has become rare these days. Even though camel hair is very robust, you can even wear this pullover on sensitive skin – it is that soft and plush. Pamper yourself with this rare camel hair pullover in its natural colour – it is neither bleached nor dyed.

Casual, straight cut. Length in size 40: 68cm (26.7"). Colour: Camel. 100% camel hair. Hand wash. Exclusive to ­Fashion ­Classics.

Camel hair – the downy soft luxury from the desert.

Camels have two completely different types of hair. The top hair is rough and stiff, measuring around 30 to 40mm (ca. 1" to 1 3⁄4"), and is woven into straps and ribbons or is used to fill blankets and mattresses. The lovely downy soft undercoat is really delicate, slightly curly and can measure up to 130mm (5") in length. As the camels lose this hair in generous bundles in the spring it is not necessary to cut or comb it out. It only needs to be collected and sorted according to the natural colour shading ranging from white to yellowish grey up to differing shades of brown before it is spun into the unsurpassably soft, fluffy camel wool. Because this luxurious material is so highly valued for its naturally beautiful colour, camel hair is rarely dyed.


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