Stefano Corsini Fast Track Belt

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

Now you can keep your belt on at the security check.

Entirely metal-free: Avoid the hassle of constantly removing (and then putting on again) your belt.

Metal detectors are increasingly common: In courts, parliaments, embassies, casinos, museums etc. and of course at airports. So how lovely would it be if at least your belt does not trigger an alarm.
Light. Skin-friendly. Water resistant.
So this belt is even wearable with ski trousers and swimming shorts. This makes it ideal for sailing or winter sports, on the beach or at the pool. The edges are stitched all the way round which accentuates the velvety nubuck look of the EVA plastic. In two designs: Black with black stitching, navy blue with red stitching.

3.5cm (1.4") wide. Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). Made in Italy.



By Ann W. on 25.09.2018

Nice quality product

Very pleased as always with choices