Elasticated Woven Leather Belt

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Breathes. And always fits.
  • Unbelievably good value for such quality.

Ingeniously comfortable leather belt: Infinitely adjustable and elasticated.

Great with leisure and business outfits. Handwoven in Spain. By Possum®.

This leather belt is much more elegant than conventional elasticated belts made from stretch material and yet it is just as comfortable. An elastic rubber core is enveloped by strips of soft cowhide which has undergone special treatment to make it flexible and resistant to tears. This makes the belt pliable, but it won’t go baggy. It is splendidly comfortable, always holds up well and won’t dig in  – not even when you sit.
Breathes. And always fits.
The leather weave allows air to circulate and prevents heat from accumulating unpleasantly in the waistband area. Eyelets aren’t necessary – simply push the prong through the woven pattern wherever you want. The belt will always fit.
Unbelievably good value for such quality.
The leather strips are entirely woven by hand. Belts mass-produced on machine could never result in a texture this fine and uniform.

Solid metal clasp in galvanised brass coated with a matt silver colour. Cowhide with rubber core. Width: 3cm (1.2"). Made in Spain.



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