Co-developed by professional chef Tim Mälzer: The new Kamagata knives by KAI, Japanese knife specialists since 1908.

Forged from a single piece of Japanese steel. Sharpened to an angle of approx. 16° on both sides. Extremely hard (57 HRC*), sharp, edge-retaining and robust.

As with much more expensive Asian knives, these Kamagata blades are sharpened on both sides to an angle of approx. 16° (instead of 22°-25°). This makes them extremely fine and sharp, yet edge-retaining, robust and reliable. The acute sharpening angle of the grind reduces the cutting resistance and allows you to work more easily, more precisely and almost effortlessly. This special sharpening is only possible thanks to the extreme hardness of the 4116 steel (57 HRC* instead of often only 52 - 55 HRC). And all that at a reasonable price.
Shape developed by a professional chef. Combines the benefits of Asian and European knives.
The Japanese word Kagamata means sickle-shaped which is reflected in the unusual exaggerated curvature of the Tim Mälzer blade. Thanks to this special shape, they are great for chopping, yet also have a clearly defined point for precision work.
Symmetrical, oval-shaped handle: Ideal for right- and left-handers.
The handles, made of polished thermoplastics (POM), sit comfortably in the hand and will not slip, even with wet hands. Washing by hand recommended.

  • Paring Knife, blade 9cm (3.5"), total 21.4cm (8.4"), 81g (2.9 oz)    
  • All-purpose Knife, blade 15cm (5.9"), total 27.2cm (10.7"), 107g (3.8 oz)    
  • Santoku Knife, blade 18cm (7.1"), total 30cm (11.8"), 199g (7 oz)    
  • Chef’s Knife, blade 20cm (7.9"), total 33.6cm (13.2"), 210g (7.4 oz)   
  • Bread Knife, blade 23cm (9.1"), total 36.4cm (14.3"), 214g (7.5 oz)    
  • Hybrid Chef’s Knife, blade 20cm (7.9"), total 34cm (13.4"), 218g (7.7 oz)    
  • Basic Set (1x Chef’s Knife, 1x All-purpose Knife, 1x Paring Knife)
*HRC (Rockwell hardness test) is the international unit of measurement for the hardness of a material, which is commonly used for knife blades.
The basic set (available separately) includes 1 chef’s knife, 1 all-purpose knife and 1 paring knife.


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