Microplane® Nutmeg Mill

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Cuisine
  • Holds up to 4 nutmegs inside.
  • Also perfect for cinnamon sticks, tonka beans and long pepper.

The better nutmeg mill: Grinds the hard kernels to a fine powder. Until the very last. Without danger to your fingers.

Perfect for kitchen and table. By US specialist Microplane®.

Much lighter and safer than using the usual sharp-toothed graters. With this practical mill you can grind nutmeg and other hard spices. The blades at the bottom are photochemically etched (instead of simply punched) and extremely sharp. Instead of crushing the hard kernels, you are precision-grating into a fine powder – right down to the last piece. This way the essential oils are preserved. The aroma can fully develop. You can apply the spices very finely. And your fingers are not in danger.
Holds up to 4 nutmegs inside.
Protected from air and light and ready at hand instantly. A bottom lid holds back any spice crumbs and also serves to protect the blade and retain the aroma.
Also perfect for cinnamon sticks, tonka beans and long pepper.
Plastic housing with pleasant soft-touch surface, non-slip even with wet hands. Swivel cap and blade disc made of stainless steel.
Awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2018 in the Product Design category.
The explanation of the jury: “As a compact product solution, this spice mill is characterised by an impressive functionality and an aesthetic design.” Size: 5cm (2") in diameter, 13.6cm (5.4") H. Weight: 163g (5.8 oz).

Much praised by the media.

“Nutmeg mill for professional kitchens.”
GastronomieReport 10/2018
“Excellent sharpness.”
Genuss Professional 03/2018


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