SteakChamp® 3c-black

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  • Tested and recommended by professionals.
  • Perfect for the grill, hob and oven.
  • For pork, game, duck breast or fish.

The intelligent steak thermometer: Automatically measures the internal temperature. Takes the resting phase into account. Indicates when the desired temperature is reached.

Tested and recommended by leading American steakhouses.

This ingenious thermometer cannot be compared with conventional meat thermometers: Instead of only selectively measuring with the tip, the SteakChamp checks the core temperature of the meat with its entire length. What‘s more, the intelligent electronics also take into account that meat has to be rested properly and determines the exact cooking time. For precisely grilled and fried steaks.
Tested and recommended by professionals.
The SteakChamp has already been tested with great success in leading international steakhouses such as „Spark‘s“ and „Wolfgang‘s“ in New York and „Gene Georgetti,“ the oldest steakhouse in Chicago.
Perfect for the grill, hob and oven.
Unlike traditional steak thermometers, the SteakChamp is also suitable for grilling at high temperatures (briefly up to 350°C). Simply stick the SteakChamp sideways into the steak and cook as usual. A 3-coloured LED lamp indicates the degree of cooking of the meat - green for medium rare, yellow for medium and red for medium well done. Remove the steak from the heat when the desired degree of cooking is reached and let it rest. The meat juices will be retained and your steak will remain juicy and tender. When the flashing light turns off the resting period is over and your steak is ready.
For pork, game, duck breast or fish.
Sensor made from 18/10 stainless steel with built-in battery (not replaceable) and power saving electronics for at least 1,000 measurements – with one application per week the SteakChamp can last 20 years. The housing is heat-resistant up to 500°C. 8.6cm long, weight approx. 16g. Suitable for grill, hob (also induction) and oven.

Tested and recommended by experts.

”I use SteakChamp in my BBQ classes, it produces perfect steaks. No matter whether you work with charcoal or gas, the degree of cooking is always perfect.“
Christoph ”Goli“ Gollenz, World Grill & BBQ Champion 2011.

“For several months we have tested SteakChamp in our kitchen on the charcoal grill. The results were very convincing.”
Marko Huth, “Zum goldenen Kalb” Steakhouse, Munchen

”At the moment, the Champ is certainly the easiest method to accurately grill steaks. Plus it‘s also a hygienic method.“
Klaus Winter, FIRE&FOOD Barbecue Academy, Lindau

”At first I was sceptical. I thought: Another technical gimmick no-one needs. But the innovative technology used in SteakChamp for taking the temperature and most of all the resulting perfect steaks have won me over.”
Andreas Rummel, Chef de Grill, Neustadt

”I tested SteakChamp at Sparks Steak House and the result was a perfect medium rare steak.“
Guido Cardenas, head chef, Sparks Steak House, New York City

“Now with SteakChamp the Barbecue Weekend warriors can cook steaks like a professional.”
Rich Cioata, executive chef, Gene & Georgetti, Steakhouse, Chicago (USA)


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