Finally: A stylish way to open wines with screw caps.

The Wine-Donut®: Lifestyle item and practical wine accessory at the same time.

Screw caps have long been a standard, for young wines in particular. Practical, airtight, reclosable - but some people miss the ritual of pulling the cork. Until now. This elegant wine accessory will decorate bottles with screw caps and make opening them a visual and tactile pleasure. Your guests will be delighted.
Designed with wine experts and connoisseurs in mind.
Simply place the Wine-Donut® on the screw cap and turn. The notches of the inner metal ring surround the cap like pliers. Even stubborn and damp twist closures can be removed without effort, without slipping and without bending the cap or touching the bottle neck. Suitable for Stelvin® closures (approx. 90 % of all wines with screw tops). Made of lacquered black plastic, stainless steel and aluminium. Measures approximately 8.5 x 2cm (3.34″ x 0.79″) (diameter x height), weighs 95.7g (0.21 lb).


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