TouchOn Luminous Glass, Set of 2

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept Store
  • Light on/off – simply by touching or letting go of the glass.
  • 100% hermetically sealed – 100% risk-free.
  • Full 200 (!) hours of luminosity.

Long drinks, water, fruit juice, lemonade, etc. transformed into really magical drinks.

LEDs embedded in the glass bottom infuse your drinks with a mysterious light.

Let ice cubes shine like emeralds – and even simple tap water appears blue like the Caribbean Sea in these glasses. Although thereʼs no switch or visible electronics, this is not done by magic. Practically invisible, long-lasting LED technology embedded in the bottom of the glass produces the amazing effect.
Light on/off – simply by touching or letting go of the glass.
The energy-saving TouchOn pulse activates the LEDs only when the glass is in use (unused in the cabinet it remains unlit). Condensation on the outer glass also makes the LEDs light up. So they will be a real talking point and will leave your guests astonished.
100% hermetically sealed – 100% risk-free.
The LED inlays have no contact with your drinks and are protected from moisture all around. Since the LEDs remain cool, so will your drinks.
Full 200 (!) hours of luminosity.
Used daily for 15 minutes, the glasses will light up for up to 2 years. You can also use the glasses in a classic way without the illuminating effect. Set of 2, 1 lights up in blue and 1 lights up in green. Size: Each glass is 14.5cm (5.7") high and has a diameter of 7cm (2.8"). Weight: Each 400g (14.1 oz), for 300ml. Dishwasher safe (gentle programme up to 45 °C). However, hand washing is recommended.
A simple touch is enough for your drinks to look impressive thanks to the LEDs.


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