Zero G glider® Lower Arm Rest

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept Store
  • Follows every movement by gently gliding. Quick and precise.
  • Individually adjustable.

Brilliant invention: The Zero G glider®.

This glide rest supports your lower arm with every move of the mouse. Hand, arm and shoulder are actively eased.

Anyone who has ever worked at a computer using the Zero G glider® will never want to work without it ever again. Instead of feeling tired and leaden, your lower arm is relaxed as it rests almost weightlessly on this brilliant glider. Moves freely and maintains an optimum position in line with the back of the hand (instead of a strenuously angled wrist). The effect: Hand, arm and shoulder are ergonomically eased.
Follows every movement by gently gliding. Quick and precise.
You can move the Zero G glider® on its nubs which have a non-stick coating as easily as if it were on rollers. The 19 x 35cm (7.5" x 13.8") extra-large special pad offers a lot of leeway for positioning the arm rest and mouse.
Individually adjustable.
Hand rest (washable) height-adjustable with hook and loop fastener. Lower construction made of robust plastic. Size 11 x 5 x 8cm (4.3" x 2" x 3.1") (W x H x L), together weighs approx. 130g (4.6 oz). For left- and righthanders.


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