A magical piece of art that constantly changes.

The sand painting with its endlessly changing structure. A true eye-catcher on your desk, in your lounge or bedroom.

This designer piece, reminiscent of a porthole, effuses tranquility. Rotate the image and watch the white, black and glistening gold
sediments trickle into place, where they form peaks, mysterious dune or deep sea landscapes. A new picture each time, no matter how often you rotate it.
Handmade by Austrian sand artist Klaus Bösch.
The sediments have different sizes and weights, causing them to float through the water at different speeds. They layer into new
structures in just a few minutes without mixing with one another. As if painted by an artist, with a pin-sharp silhouette. The lightest particles, such as the fine gold dust, are the last to fall on the composition.
You can adjust the speed at which the particles flow.
There is a tiny opening in the 26cm (10.2") diameter plastic frame. If you want the sand to flow more slowly, simply add a little extra air between the discs (nozzle included, can also be used to refill water if necessary).
Includes 26 x 8 x 6cm (10.3" x 3" x 2.3") black wood stand and instructions. Weighs 890g (31.4 oz).
The fine sand makes its way through the air pocket.


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