Tea light tongs – so simple, so clever!

No tedious fiddling, no burned fingers, no spilt wax.

With this clever gadget you will no longer risk burning your fingers when lighting tea lights and placing them in narrow necked lanterns and candle holders. This way, you also avoid lit tea lights going out or tilting and spilling wax when dropping them in. With these ingenious stainless steel tongs, you can now position teal lights safely, cleanly and easily. Simply pick up the lit tea light with the tongs and place it in – done! With a diameter of 4.2cm (1 2/3") the tongs even fit through very narrow openings and your hand is always at a safe distance from the flame. Likewise, you can easily remove the burned down tea light when it is extinguished. 20cm (8") long, weighs 45g (1.6oz).


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