The fascinating beauty of our solar system – handcrafted from solid, genuine gemstones.

True-to-nature impressions of the planets – outshone by the imposing glowing sun.

In their search for exactly the right material to be used, experts examined countless gemstones over some months – always with the goal of finding the right gemstone. Colour, structure, pattern: Everything should correspond to the respective planet in every detail. A laborious undertaking that was only possible thanks to the best contacts with gemstone dealers and cutters worldwide. But the effort was worth it. Even a comparison with satellite images from NASA made it clear: The match is perfect!
Like the real planets, each gemstone has a unique, unmistakable nature.
Next in line to the sun is Mercury – the smallest and, with an orbital period of 88 days, the fastest planet in the solar system. Shimmering pearl-grey labradorite comes fascinatingly close to the mysterious, distant planet. Next to it is the brightest planet Venus – represented by white nephrite jade. The vivid beauty of our blue planet Earth is portrayed by sodalite. Mars, the most earth-like and red planet, is represented by a deep red-brown mahogany obsidian. Tiger eye next to it represents the autumnal palette of Jupiter, the mighty giant of the solar system. With its distinctive rings, Saturn is unmistakable – the gaseous planet is depicted by a yellowish calcite. Next to it is Uranus, the ice giant among the planets, in the light blue of amazonite. Finally, the synthetic cat’s eye of Neptune shines dramatically blue – and as if from a dark distance (about 6 billion kilometres from the sun) – the dwarf planet Pluto, made of green/grey, speckled heliotrope.
Ground and polished by hand.
Made of solid gemstones, each of the planetary spheres is a unique work of art from nature. Beautifully and vibrantly coloured, sometimes with a speckled structure, sometimes with cloudy or striped bands and mysteriously crater-like shading.
On an elegant aluminium base: Perfect on your desk or sideboard.
The gemstones are arranged according to the constellation of our solar system. An arrangement that makes you contemplate – and see how small earth is in the infinite expanses of space. Size in diameter: Pluto 14mm (0.55"), Mercury 14mm (0.55"), Mars 16mm (0.63"), Venus 18mm (0.71"), Earth 20mm (0.79"), Neptune 22mm (0.87"), Uranus 24mm (0.94"), Saturn 26mm (1.02"), Jupiter 28mm (1.10"). Firmly sitting in the aluminium base: 23.2 x 3.8 x 3cm (9.1" x 1.5" x 1.2") (L x W x H). Weighs about 600g (21.2 oz.).
Add the appropriate sunlight.
The discreetly illuminated, imposing sphere of golden yellow, translucent Mexican calcite spreads a wonderfully warm, soft light. Its unique crystalline structure gives it the aura of vivid sunspots. Works with the supplied 1m (3.3ft) USB cable (power supply unit sold separately). All the planets and the sun sit freely on the base so they can also be held in the hand for closer inspection. Measures approx. 8cm (3.1 ) in diameter. Aluminium base: 4 x 4 x 1cm (1.6" x 1.6" x 0.4") (L x W x H). Weighs approx. 1kg (2.2 lbs).
Complete set with planetary system and sun lamp.


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