Rainbow Lantern

  • Physical effect instead of magic.
  • With a stylish stainless steel rim and base.

The magic of the rainbow – ignited by you.

The patented glass lantern with a fascinatingly elegant interplay of light.

Mysterious lights begin to dance as soon as you light a tealight in the glass lantern. The lights glow in all the colours of the rainbow and look like flickering flames and flowing stripes. Depending on the height and intensity of the flames, new patterns are formed over and over again, creating a spectacle that captivates every onlooker.
Physical effect instead of magic.
The double-walled glass lantern features a prism foil between two glass layers. Indefinable but nevertheless astonishing, this splits the white light into the colours of the spectrum like a prism. The candlelight looks like a rainbow-coloured fire all around the lantern. The same effect can also be achieved with sunshine or coloured LED bulbs.
With a stylish stainless steel rim and base.
It makes a beautiful decoration on the table, in your bathroom or on your terrace. Made of glass, polyester and stainless steel. Not resistant to rain. Easy to wipe clean (please do not rinse). Suitable for standard and maxi tealights and pillar candles up to 4-6cm (1.6"-2.4") diameter, H 6-10cm (2.4"-3.9"). Size 19cm (7.5") H. Top diameter approx. 8.3cm (3.3"), bottom diameter approx. 10cm (3.9"). Weight 0.8kg (1.8 lbs). Delivery includes 1 standard tealight.


(Price per kg £14.28)


By Alan C. on 27.01.2018

Rainbow lantern

Very nice