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The stylish hare blanket: Beautiful all year round and especially at Easter.

Elaborately crafted double-layered knit, with a subtle humorous touch.

The cute, creamy white hares have gathered in large numbers for a family reunion. They sit together, neatly lined up – each one exactly the same. Or are they? Not quite! One of the bunnies is very special. It’s not knitted in creamy white like the others, but embroidered in a rose-gold colour with a metallic sheen. A charming, small nonconformist who gives the blanket a golden accent.
Challenge your finder’s luck.
So where is it, the red and gold hare? You have to look carefully to discover it, hiding amongst the crowd of hares. A witty design that gives adults and children a lot of fun – even beyond Easter. Because this blanket is always stylish, and never boring or cheesy.
Double-layered knit with mirror-image colour work.
This technique produces a double layer while knitting both sides at the same time. As a result, the blanket stays in perfect shape while still being fluid and light. Moreover, it has two beautiful sides with the same pattern with mirror-image colour work.
Soft and cosy and wonderful to snuggle up in.
Size approx. 125 x 150cm (49.2" x 59.1"). Weight approx. 740g (26.1 oz). Colour: Grey/cream. 100% cotton. Rose gold embroidered hare motif: Metallised polyester yarn.
The special hare: In rose gold coloured embroidery.


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