Glass Net Easter Eggs, Set of 4

  • An art that has been mastered by only a few glassblowers worldwide.
  • Each egg is unique.

Plain clear glass on the outside. Inside hand-made glass net.

Premium glassblowing artistry for your Easter decor. Each piece is unique.

It is an art in and of itself to make these fascinating glass net eggs - each mouth-blown and done purely by hand. In order to integrate the fine net into the glass body, the glassblowers need a lot of experience and perfect timing.
An art that has been mastered by only a few glassblowers worldwide.
A solid rod from the particular coloured glass is first heated to up to 1,200 °C and a finely woven, tightly meshed net is “woven” from the malleable, liquefied glass mass. This net is inserted into a semi-blown, open glass ball and fused to the inside of the ball at the ends of the net. The ball is then heated again to 1,200 °C and inflated to its finished size. The perfect oval shape of the egg is created by careful heating, stretching and blowing. The production takes about 25-30 minutes per egg.
Each egg is unique.
The shimmering, coloured glass net inside the clear glass shell is always somewhat different in form and pattern: A very decorative but never kitschy eye-catcher in an Easter decoration. With glass suspension eyelet. Measuring 6.2cm (2.4”) wide, 9.5cm (3.7″) high each. Available in 4 colours (red, green, blue, yellow) as a set of 4. Delivery in beautiful packaging, perfect as a gift.


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