Style from the catwalk: The luxurious faux fur blanket with extra soft relief.

With long and short pile striped pattern – super fluffy and feather-light. Of the finest origin: Winter Creation/Swiss.

They can often be seen at the fashion shows of famous Italian designers: Exclusive long-pile jackets and coats with trendy high/low textured pattern. The expressive relief of alternately long and short pile sections gives the blanket a very couture-like appearance – and makes the designs look even more sophisticated than they already are. Such a beautiful bit of luxury is now also available for your home – as an opulent, cuddly soft faux fur blanket by Winter Creation, one of the leading manufacturers of the finest faux furs.
Fantastically comfortable. As soft as angora. Fascinatingly true to nature.
The puffed-up fibres themselves are already unusual. Extremely dense and microscopically fine, they form a pile of extraordinary softness. The extremely soft undercoat from which dense, silky-soft, 50-60mm (2"-2.4") long hairs emerge, feels like angora.
Stylishly coloured stripes with an elegant texture.
The 9cm (3.5") wide, light grey long pile sections alternate with toning stone grey short fibre strips – each 5cm (2") wide, with a pile height of approx. 20mm (0.8"). A very smart, wintry, elegant composition that goes with all colours and interior design styles.
Generous and cuddly – ideal as a bedspread or comfortable blanket in front of the fire, in an armchair or on the sofa.
Perfect also as a pleasantly warming rug to wrap up in on sunny winter days on your terrace, in front of your cabin or chalet.
Premium quality: Fluid, yet firm-piled, hard-wearing and easy-care.
The underside of the fake fur is made of densely knitted fine jersey. It makes the blanket fluid and makes it less slippery. The delicate pile is firmly anchored in this layer. This way nothing can shed or pill – and there are no marks on clothing or furniture. Just shake out the creases and the blanket regains its voluminous look. Comfortably lined with very soft velvet fabric. Non-slip outer material and lining. Machine washable. Measures 130 x 180cm (51.2" x 70.9"). Weighs only 2.7kg (6 lbs). Outer material: 69% acrylic, 31% polyester. Lining: 100% polyester.


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