The delicate brass bowl from Jaipur of finest craftmanship.

Sculpted wafer-thin using a hammer blow technique. Even pliable without buckling out.

This incredibly fine-walled bowl is completely made of brass and yet light as a feather. At only 1.5mm (0.06″), it is so delicate that it can even be bent – but always returns to its original shape. The copper/zinc alloy is what makes this possible.
The artistic skill of this work has been handed down in the families for generations.
First, circles are cut from flat brass sheet and then hammered into the perfectly rounded shape. A work that demands the highest precision in order not to destroy the wafer-thin brass. Each stroke of the hammer must be even and close to the next.
The fine finish of this brass makes it shine in an elegant, light, matte shimmering lustre.
The shell is first perfectly cleaned by hand on the polishing machine and any remaining unevenness is removed. The shell then receives its elegant golden shine purely through a chemical reaction. No paints, or coatings are used. Perfect as a decoration or for scented petals. Easy to clean with just a soft cloth. Measures 20cm (7.9“) in diameter, 9cm (3.5″) in height. Weighs 230g (8.1 oz). Craftsmanship made in India.


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