A cosy ambience instead of dark corners.

The warm light of this accent lighting creates a soft cone of light that looks like a sunbeam.

This ingenious lamp creates wonderful accents in any room – just by tapping a finger. The designers have created a puristic object consisting of an aluminium body and a very clear Pyrex glass dome, in which the technicians have incorporated true light art.
The optoelectronic light effect generates a spherical light.
It is very similar to sunlight: Very warm and soft. The angle of the narrow beam is bent, creating a cone of light, which resembles a sunbeam.
Spectacular lighting effect, unspectacular energy consumption.
The lamp consumes only 5 watts and can be dimmed to a choice of four settings by touch. The lamp measures 5.3 x 10 x 10cm (2.1" x 3.9" x 3.9") (H x L x W) and is made of aluminium and Pyrex glass. 150cm (4.9ft) USB connection cable with power plug. Colours: Silver or rose gold. Luminous flux: 150 lumens.
Rose gold


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