Vornado® 660

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept-Store
  • Huge air flow rate of almost 1,000m³/h (35,314ft³/h).
  • Works differently compared to conventional fans.
  • Even quieter than many computer fans.
  • The black piano-finish, combined with chrome, will suit any interior.

America’s favourite fan – now even more powerful (and better looking).

The new Vornado® 660: Powerful enough for rooms up to 120m² (!). Exclusively available in Great Britain from Pro-Idee.

A lovely breeze throughout the room, instead of harmful draughts in just one corner. And a pleasant room temperature without any cold or hot spots: These are the unique benefits which distinguish the Vornado® from other fans. And now there’s the new Vornado® 660 – exclusively available in Great Britain from Pro-Idee.
Huge air flow rate of almost 1,000m³/h (35,314ft³/h).
The stream of air from this powerful, approx. 28cm (11") in diameter fan covers areas up to 30m (1ft) away (!). It’s even powerful enough for high, spacious areas (up to approx. 120m² or 1292sqft), such as open-plan living/dining rooms, stairways, offices and business premises, for example.
Works differently compared to conventional fans.
Just like a turbine, Vornado® produces a powerful stream of air. When directed at ceilings or walls (not at people), this is reflected, thus creating a pleasant temperature throughout the entire room, almost like a lovely sea breeze. The air is constantly in motion, creating an extremely pleasant atmosphere, whilst eliminating unpleasant direct draughts. It ventilates your room more quickly, economically and effectively.
A powerful, yet quiet motor drives the special rotor. Air is inducted at the rear and blown forwards in a concentric vortex action through the patented, spiral-shaped protective grille. This powerful fan only consumes between 29 and 53W (around a third of the energy used by many conventional appliances). This costs about 2 pence/hour, making it ideal for continuous use.
Even quieter than many computer fans.
Push-button controls regulate the 4 settings (600-1,375 rpm): From a gentle breeze to a powerful stream of air, but always amazingly quiet (50-61dB).
The black piano-finish, combined with chrome, will suit any interior.
Casing made of shatter-proof polystyrene. Easy to clean with a vaccuum cleaner. Measures approx. 28 x 34 x 38cm (11" x 13.4" x 15") (diameter x H x D), weighs approx. 3.3kg (7 lbs). 180cm (5ft9") 230V/53W cable. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty in addition to our long-term guarantee.

Developed by aircraft engineers.

In 1988 the industrial and aircraft engineer Richard Ten Eyck, who also works for major American aircraft manufacturers, developed the unmistakable design of the Vornado®. Several of his projects are exhibited in the Art Institute of Chicago.

Provides a pleasant room climate all year round.

Most fans stand around unused for about 325 days a year. Not the Vornado® which provides a pleasant room climate throughout the year. In summer it refreshes you with a lovely breeze. In winter, the Vornado® air stream evenly distributes the heat throughout the room and warm air that tends to collect under the ceiling is churned downwards. This saves on heating costs and improves room climate. Vornado® is often used in the USA to help spread cool air from the air conditioning throughout the whole room.


By Matthew W. on 13.08.2019

Powerful and well constructed

What can be said? It's a fan, and an effective one at that. My only complaint would be that the plastic exterior can quite easily pick up fingerprints, but that's nothing that can't be solved with the use of a damp cloth.

By pablo l. on 05.07.2019

Best fan available

Easily the best fan I've bought. Is noisy on full power but is quiet enough to sleep through on low and medium. Lowers temperature of the room very quickly and is easy to kepp clean

By Paula A. M. on 21.08.2018


I was initially wary about this product, due to the fact it is manufactured in Kansas and reviews on some other websites state they have received USA wired fans which obviously won't function. I was confident however when I found Pro-idee and rightly so! They are UK based, great communicators and their fast dispatch ensured I received the best fan ever extremely quickly. It is reasonably quiet on the lower setting yet very effective indeed. It's airflow circles a fairly decent proportion of the room, resembling more so an air con unit than a fan. It's also tidy and sleek looking. You will be hard pushed to find a better fan than this!

By chris S. on 18.08.2018

Great product

This is the best fan you could buy, it’s very efficient and surprisingly quiet. I’m so impressed that I’m buying another one for upstairs!

By Paul L. on 15.08.2018

Great fan

The fan is a good size and not to heavy. It moves air all around the room so you don't need it pointed at you. It is easily the most powerful fan I have ever had and I do not find it overly noisy even on the maximum setting. Highly recommended