Designer Shoehorn “Sculpture”

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept-Store

This shoehorn will be a genuine eye-catcher.

Comfortable length, chic design. Too beautiful to hide away in the cupboard.

At first sight, it is a modern, 63cm (24.8") tall sculpture. But when you lift the superbly slender shaft from the base, it turns out to be a comfortable to use shoehorn. A design by the Italian architect and designer, Leonardo Rossano, for the traditional interior decorator, R.F. Yamakawa, Japan.
Stands by itself. Back-friendly length.
The underside of the stable, aluminium base is rubberised to protect the floor. The impressive length of the shoehorn (approx. 58cm (22.8")) saves you from having to bend too low.
The cool metallic sheen is a welcome change to whites or dark colours. Measures incl. base 63cm (24.8") tall, 7cm (2.8") diameter. Weight 670g (1.5 lbs).


By Ruth R. on 21.11.2017

Very useful

Very useful