Wasp Nest Dummy, Set of 2

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept-Store

Get rid of annoying wasps in a natural way.

Without poison. Without chemicals. Without intrusive odours.

Simply hang one or more of these dummy wasp nests in your garden: Approaching wasps consider them to be nests of other groups and avoid their (supposed) territory for a radius of about 75m (246.1 ft). When hung up in spring, they can prevent the construction of real wasps’ nests.
Ideal near your terrace and barbecue area.
This way you can finally dine outside carefree and enjoy the peace without a plague of the buzzing and stinging pests. Completely without chemicals, poison or elaborate technology. Safe for animals and the environment. Paper dummies, metal hangers. Size: Approx. 18cm (7.1") in diameter, 25cm (9.8") H. Weight: 25g (0.9 oz).


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