Finally: Sweeping without bending down. And your hands stay clean.

The ingenious Swepper®: Replaces hand brush and dustpan. And saves your back.

Forget the dustpan, hand brush and strenuous bending over. With this ingenious dust pail you can sweep dirt, leaves, and trash much faster and more easily. You push the rubbish over the 28cm (11″) wide ramp into the 12l container – while standing. This way your back is spared and your hands stay clean. Borders along the ramp prevent dirt from falling off the sides. Even if it’s windy, nothing can escape from the 47cm (18.5″) high Swepper®.
Extremely low-wear and sturdy without handles or other moving parts.
Ideally balanced on the integrated handle for carrying. Made of strong, heat- and UV-resistant plastic from the automotive industry. Measures 32.5 x 47 x 44cm (13″ x 18.5″ x 17″)(W x H x D), weighs 1,250g (2.7 lbs). Ideal for all standard brooms.


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