Paving Joint Cleaner

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept-Store

Neat and tidy paving joints: Quick and easy, at last.

For gaps of all shapes and sizes.

Now you can get to grips with weeding between joints and cracks and spare yourself dirty hands, broken finger nails and back pain. This Paving Joint Cleaner removes moss and weeds from terraces, footpaths and driveways quickly and easily. It’s amazing that this ingenious invention isn’t a celebrated hit already.
For cracks and joints of all shapes and sizes.
You don’t have to press hard as you drag the 9cm (3 1/2'') long and 1.6mm thick flexible, non-rusting stainless steel wires through the joints. The arrangement of the 15 wires allows them to fit perfectly in cracks and joints of just about any width. Simply attach the cleaner to a standard broom handle (diam. 24mm, not supplied) and you can work in comfort while standing. Measures 24.5 x 3cm (9 3/4" x 1 1/3") (L x diam.). Weighs approx. 69g (2.5 lbs).
It’s easy to extend your Paving Joint Cleaner with a standard broom handle – work in comfort while standing.


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