Kneelo™ Comfort Knee Pads, one pair

  • Nothing slips, chafes or pinches.
  • Keep your clothes and knees from getting wet and dirty.

Cushioned knee pads with duo-foam technology: Really light, really soft, yet really sturdy.

Dual support for your knees. Perfect for gardening, DIY and cleaning.

Ideal when you have to frequently move from one location to another: You won’t need to lug these pads around with you as you would a conventional kneeling pad. And unlike traditional knee pads made of simple foam, these knee pads have a combination of shock-absorbing EVA foam at their core and a cushioning layer of visco-elastic memory foam that is both soft and sturdy. Your knees will form a perfect indentation without permanently deforming the foam. So as soon as you stand up, the pads will return to their original shape.
Nothing slips, chafes or pinches.
Elastic neoprene straps and easy to adjust hook and loop fasteners ensure a perfect fit that won’t constrict you whether you are kneeling, standing or walking.
Keep your clothes and knees from getting wet and dirty.
Headwearing dual-layer fabric, with waterproof neoprene on the inside and washable nylon on the outside. Each weighs approx. 70g (2.5 oz). From Burgon & Ball, one of the leading British garden tool manufacturers with a long tradition.


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