Hose Tub “Ritu”

  • Thanks to the special arched base, you can roll the hose in and out very easily.
  • Shimmering like glazed ceramic.

Practical home for your garden hose. And a stylish eye-catcher at the same time.

Hose tub in ceramic look. Holds up to 45m (148ft) hose – well-ordered and conveniently ready at hand.

Like a magnificent, antique jardinière, this gigantic tub decorates the watering area at your house, close to your terrace or out in the garden. Nobody will expect this decorative vessel with ceramic-look paintwork to be the perfect storage container for a garden hose of up to 45m (148ft). No tangled hose on the ground to trip over, no hanging hose soiling your walls, no unsightly hose cart standing in the way.
Thanks to the special arched base, you can roll the hose in and out very easily.
Without knotting or entangling, the hose finds the optimal coiled shape almost by itself. When watering, you will always have the right hose length at hand. Connection is also very easy: Simply run the end of the hose from the inside through the 5cm (2") diameter opening at the bottom and attach the garden hose to the tap.
Shimmering like glazed ceramic.
The 49cm (19.3") diameter tub is made of 0.7mm strong enamelled iron and has an antique-look patina. This makes the tub 100% weather-proof and suitable for keeping outdoors throughout the year. In premium lime green finish with brown glaze. Easy to clean with a damp cloth. Holes in the bottom of the vessel prevent waterlogging. Space for 45m (148ft) hose.
Size 37.5cm (14.8") H without lid, 48cm (18.9") H with lid. Weight approx. 4.5kg (9.9 lbs).


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