Claw Broom Set, 3-piece

  • Practical 3-piece set with claw hand broom and 3 litre dust pan.

The brilliant Claw Broom: Saves time, effort and energy.

The easy way to remove dirt from cracks, ridges, crevices, corners. Three-piece set with claw hand broom and dust pan. Perfect indoors and out.

Paved and natural stone paths, uneven patio tiles. Grooved decks, angled steps, rough concrete floors, etc. Child’s play for the Claw Broom. Unlike conventional brooms, the specially curved bristles reach into recesses, joints, grooves, nooks and crannies. It reaches into every corner, every angle and gets the dirt out in one sweep. The tough, flexible elaston bristles can even handle damp leaves and light snow. Simply pull out the telescope handle (75 - 129cm or 2ft5" - 4ft2") to clear cobwebs from high ceilings.
Practical 3-piece set with claw hand broom and 3 litre dust pan.
Also perfect for windowsills, workshop shelving, etc. Even fine dust particles can be completely swept over the 29cm (11 2⁄5") flat rubber lip. The broom is 40cm wide (15 7⁄10"), the hand broom approx. 15cm (6").  Dust pan capacity 3 litres. Made from sturdy polypropylene. Bristles made from non-deformable elaston. Total weight 850g (1.9 lbs).
The supplied dust pan is closed at the back so the wind can’t blow anything away.


By Bill S. on 30.07.2019

A good buy!

An excellent set...Have now bought another as a gift for mum.