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Relish stool

Versatile range: Stool, garden chair, footrest, etc.


“Starry Sky” Sun Awning

During the day it’s a refreshing sunshade. At night an enchanting starry sky.


2-in-1 Multifunctional Chair

With this ingeniously versatile chair, you can relax or train your abdominal muscles.


Fruit Cushions, Set of 3

Much more comfortable and nicer than simple cushions.

e. g. Mixed (1 Kiwi, 1 Watermelon, 1 Orange)

Wood Look Bench

Lifelike design. For indoors and outdoors.


Champ Stool/Cooler

Elegant eye-catcher. Comfortable additional seat. And 15 litres of hidden storage space.


500 Lumens Solar Safety Light

Brighter than a 40 watt bulb – without using any electricity.