“Starry Sky” Sun Awning

  • Constant light or a twinkling effect.
  • Stable quality - quality finish.

During the day it’s a refreshing sunshade. At night an enchanting starry sky.

100 micro LEDs twinkle romantically in the deep blue canvas. Solar or battery powered.

Over your terrace, by the pond, in the garden between the trees, ... This large, rectangular awning provides refreshing shade during the day. And as soon as night falls, tiny LED points of light transform the night blue awning into a fascinating starry sky.
Constant light or a twinkling effect.
An enchanting look. Solar powered, the integrated LED light chain glows for up to 6 hours, perfect for remote corners of the garden.
Stable quality - quality finish.
The durable polyurethane fabric (180g/qm (6 oz /10 square feet)) is hemmed and quilted. Strong steel eyes secure the mooring (tethers not included in delivery). Woven to be air and water permeable, heat cannot collect so easily under the awning and rain can run through unhindered. Just spray with water to clean. Measures 300 x 200cm (L x W) (9.8 x 6.5 ft). Weighs approx. 1.1kg (2.4 lbs). Fairy lights with 100 micro-LEDs, warm white (total of 0.6 W) IP44 spray protected. Solar or battery operated.


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