Impressive campfire. Up to 2 hours of residual heat after the embers have faded.

Impressive campfire. Up to 2 hours of residual heat after the embers have faded.

CeraFlam® is a brazier, heat storage unit and heater in one. Use almost anywhere.

Unlike other fire baskets, this brazier has a fire chamber made of weatherproof CeraFlam® ceramic. It stores heat like a firebrick, slowly releasing warmth into its environment. The ceramic gives off a cosy glow for hours, long after the fire has gone out.
Triple (!) heat and storage capacity compared to similar steel fire baskets.
Simply place the 4 CeraFlam® elements (23-70mm/ 1" - 2 ¾" thick) into the robust stand. A high proportion of cordierite - a mineral also used in baking stones – gives them excellent thermal properties. Cordierite’s grid-like structure allows it to absorb large amounts of energy: Approx. 1,200j/kg compared to 400j/kg for steel. So naturally heat is also released much slower.
The same heating power with less wood consumption and a good, clean burn.
Four fine gaps allow less air to reach the  fire than an open basket would. As a result, combustion is slower and more controlled.
The elevated cone heats its surroundings.
The rust-free stainless steel 3mm V2/A frame elevates the fire pit above the ground. It is like sitting around a tiled stove, eliminating the need for a blanket. At an ambient temperature of 15°C, the brazier burned 5kg (11 lbs) of wood over a 2 hour period. Even after the fire had gone out, the residual heat was still tangible withing a 2 to 3 metre (6ft5" to 9ft8") radius for around 2 hours.
Robust enough for outdoor use year round.
The hard-fired ceramic will not flake and retains its beautiful ochre colour. Gaps between the cone elements prevent moisture from collecting. However, it should be stored where frost can’t affect it.  
Simple to clean. Easy to move.
Lift the ceramic lid in the base using the stainless steel poker (included) and place a bucket underneath to catch the ash. For transport simply remove the 4 CeraFlam® elements from the stand. Instructions included. Measures 46 x 55cm (18" x 21 2/3") (H x W). Weighs 24.5kg (54 lbs). Made in Germany.
Incredibly easy to empty: Simply use the included poker to lift the lid in the base so ash can fall through.


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