Good news for hungry birds.

In 1987, the bird-feeding bell by Professor Stephen Clarke was acclaimed as one of the “50 most beautiful inventions” in the USA. And it isn’t just beautiful, it also has a really clever design. In traditional birdhouses, the food gets dirty and wet very soon and can pose a danger to birds. This bell, however, has a feeding place right inside, which protects the seeds from rain and snow, and the feeding channels are positioned in such a way that excrements can't get into the seed.
The construction is designed to also keep away unwanted guests, such as pigeons and cats.
This allows your feathered friends to eat to their hearts’ content in peace. Simply add the feed via the side dispensers. It will not be long before these birds start arriving and then you can watch all the comings and goings through the transparent Plexiglas® (acrylic glass).
The side dispensers will take up to 1kg (2.2 lbs) of seed, which means that you won’t need to fill the bell very often. The feed channels are automatically replenished as the birds peck out the seeds. The bell is easy to assemble and attach to any tree. Easy-clean plastic, 32cm (12 1/2") high, 36cm (14 1/4") diameter.
Hi, I thought you may like to see the Bird Feeding Bell 'in action'. 
I used the clip on perch but you know who figured out what it was for, well before the birds did.  I do rest easy, however, as when this goes to court the evidence for the prosecution is overwhelming!  Love it! 
Malcolm H., 22.11.2010


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