Wukies Chair Socks, 4 piece set

Silent slippers for your chairs.

As practical as they are charming: Wukies Chair Socks.

You can forget about conventional chair silencers, which have to be attached with nails, screws or glue. These amusing head-turners are so simple to put on – just slip them on the feet of your chairs like a sock. They protect your expensive flooring from scratches, streaks and scrapes – and make your chairs as quiet as a mouse.
Also ideal for valuable antique furniture.
Thanks to the stretchy material, the chair socks will easily fit most standard chair legs (circumference 7 to 13cm or 2 3/4" to 5"). Socks made of durable elastic polyester fleece and will hold their shape. Machine wash at 30°C. Approx. 10cm (4") high, approx. 5cm (2") folded over. Three colours.


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