Glass Thread Easter Eggs

  • No egg is the same.
  • Incredibly thin, yet surprisingly sturdy.

A real novelty: Easter eggs with glass thread interior.

A charming Easter greeting thanks to the fascinating play of light. Indoors and outdoors. Each egg is unique.

In the garden, on the terrace, at the window ...
The sun unleashes a magical play of light in these glass eggs. The glass threads are loosely entwined, and each individual filament reflects the light rays. They make a charming Easter greeting whether they’re used as stand alone decorations or as part of an arrangement.
No egg is the same.
The glassmakers need a great deal of experience and the right timing to achieve the best possible uniformity. Incredibly thin glass threads are placed within the glass body. While the egg is shaped under heat, the ends of the filaments merge with the hot glass wall. This creates the unique weave on the inside.
Incredibly thin, yet surprisingly sturdy.
Thus the glass thread eggs can survive even cold spring nights. Glass suspension eyelet drawn from the egg body. 
Glass thread easter eggs measuring 12cm (4.7") H, 8cm (3.1") diameter each, weight approx. 48g (1.7 oz) each. Colour: 4x clear and 4x green.
Too beautiful to disappear into the cupboard straight after Easter.


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