Rocking Snowman

  • Lovingly decorated in a wintery outfit.
  • Charming focal point in any interior.

The rocking snowman: A cheery character for winter and Christmas time.

An eye-catcher which gives young and old much pleasure.

This round-necked snowman will make you want to touch him over and over again. A quick tap is all it takes to start him rocking. Like a wobbly toy he won’t fall over however vigorously he rocks, and will maintain an upright posture. The trick: The bulging belly has a very low centre of gravity.
Lovingly decorated in a wintery outfit.
The chunky hat is elaborately knitted in mottled red/white, with a pointy flexible tip, which is reinforced with wire. The casual, knitted scarf is in a matching stripe. Snow-white artificial fur makes the jumper cuddly, with bright red buttons. Inset wires keep the arms flexible. The round head is decorated with jet black eyes and a carrot nose above a friendly smiling mouth.
Charming focal point in any interior.
By the stairs or Christmas tree, in your hallway or near the fireplace: This lovable chap provides an animated holiday mood. Also perfect for the reception area of your practice or company. Ball shaped body made of plastic, floor-friendly suede cover. Size (W x D): 45 x 40cm (17.7" x 15.7"). With upright hat: Approx. 120cm (47.2") H. Weight: 8.9kg (19.6 lbs).


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