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Pillow for Side Sleepers Swiss Pine

Premium pillow for people who sleep on their side: Cosy virgin wool and aromatic Swiss pine for perfect sleeping comfort.

Premium pillow for people who sleep on their side: Cosy virgin wool and aromatic Swiss pine for perfect sleeping comfort.

Rest in a pure natural way – relaxed, comfortable, supported and refreshing.

This thick pillow is tailored precisely to the needs of people who sleep on their side: At 160cm (63") long (instead of often only 140cm (55")) the head, arms and legs are all perfectly supported. Tension in the neck and back is counteracted, reflux is reduced, and often the torment of snoring is reduced too. As a result, you can totally relax.
The addition of the finest pinewood flakes promotes the natural elasticity of the virgin wool.
The filling remains wonderfully soft, light and airy, and always maintains the right temperature for a good sleeping environment. In addition, the pinewood emits a wonderfully fine, resinous fragrance which contributes to restful sleep. It is also said to be able to reduce sensitivity to the weather.
A breath of fresh air for sensitive sleepers.
Swiss pine contains pinosylvin: a fragrance that is both biocidal and antibacterial. The virgin wool also has a deodorising, self-cleaning power due to its lanolin (wool fat). Simply air regularly and the pillow remains hygienically clean (not washable). Measures 35 x 160cm (13.8" x 63") (W x L). Outer fabric: 100% cotton. Filling: 100% virgin wool with Swiss pine. Filling weight: approx. 1.5kg (3.3 lbs). Pillow case (sold separately) made of 100% cotton with zip. By Hefel, Austria.

The positive properties of the Swiss stone pine are scientifically confirmed: It makes your heart beat more slowly.

Swiss pine contains natural pinosylvin. This substance helps to reduce the heart rate by up to 9 beats/minute during sleep. The heart is thus spared about 1 hour of “work” per day. As a result, you’ll feel fit and rested. The Joanneum Research Institute has tested and confirmed the effect in a blind study with Swiss pine furniture on 30 healthy adults. (“Evaluation of the Effects of a Pinewood Environment on Circulatory System, Sleep, Health and Vegetative Regulation”, Graz, Styria, Austria in 2003, www.zirbenholz.at/uploads/media/Joan.Research_Zirbe_Wohlbefinden_Endbericht.pdf)




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