Cutty Clock

  • With integrated alarm function.
  • Decor to sit on a tabletop or hang.
  • Chic design from France.

Cute bunny: Alarm clock, thermometer and night-light in one.

Wakes you softly. And lights up time and temperature at the touch of a finger.

This stylized bunny head sculpture is a stylish modern decoration for any ambience. And it does even more: Give the acoustic sensor a signal and you’ll reveal the secret. Just clap  your hands, for example. Immediately, the time and temperature will appear on the bunny’s forehead - in a light environment for 5 seconds, and for 15 seconds in a darker one, in easy to read 2cm (.78″) large LED lit numbers.
With integrated alarm function.
If you like, you can activate the alarm function with 3 selectable alarm tones.
Decor to sit on a tabletop or hang.
A magnet on the back ensures secure hold on all magnetic surfaces. 2 magnet attachment points are included to attach to non magnetic surfaces.
Chic design from France.
Large faceted surfaces give the 3D shape the typical bunny look: With distinctive triangle for forehead and nose and abstracted whiskers. Ears held high, the figure has an attentive, alert look. Housing of ABS plastic and polycarbonate, stable and easy to wipe clean. Dimensions 12.6 x 5 x 21.3cm (4.9″ x 2″ x 8.4″) (L x W x H). Weight: 215g (7.5 oz). The rechargeable lithium-polymer battery (2000 mAh) lasts up to 3 weeks. With battery status display.


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