Versatile, very long and light as a feather. Made of Japanese paper yarn. Design by Betty Gabrielle, Paris.

Functionality is rarely this stylish. Breathable, softshell fabric that’s wind and waterproof. Danish design.

Soft lambskin, exquisitely processed and finished by hand.

More comfortable than regular T-shirts. Yet just as versatile. Luxurious Sea Island cotton.

Keeps your feet dry, fresh and unscathed.

Probably the world’s most photographed cashmere stole. Worn by royals, stars and celebrities.

This comfortable skirt can be worn with any style and to any event.

Conceals and covers like a swimsuit. As sexy as a bikini.

A light 5.6 oz. Extremely flexible. Shock-absorbent. Great for long distances.

Seductive AND stylish lingerie. Distinctly luxurious.

A fashion classic returns – the trench coat: The original by DAKS, London is an investment for life.

Fresh and feminine: A Lucky de Luca revamp of the classic Oxford blouse.

A worthwhile fashion investment. A current fashion highlight with the potential to become a classic.

Non-slip on wet surfaces. Antibacterial to combat athlete’s foot.

Probably the most fuss-free hat you will ever own. And probably the most elegant as well.

Who knew that good wellingtons could be so stylish?

Hard to distinguish from suede, but far more resilient.

This swimsuit has the same effect as a good sun cream. Made from sun permeable SunSelect® fabric.

A real hit in five ways: Lightweight, airy, versatile, on-trend and affordable.

Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

Two cords + one sole produces the most innovative outdoor sandal.

Made from finest mercerised cotton.

Functional, versatile outdoor trousers – that are affordable. Fast-drying. Breathable. Super light.

Made from soft velours leather with feminine metal embellishments. Perfect with sporty and elegant outfits.

This leather bag covers 4 trends in one at a sensational price.

You’ll often wear this easy-care top instead of a blouse.

White polka dots and stripes on an elegant, brown background are “back in vogue”.

Water repellent and breathable. Easy to store and wonderfully light. Washable and quick to dry.

An elegant shawl. An extravagant cape. By Carbery, Ireland’s distinguished knitter with a rich tradition.

More valuable the lighter it is. This short coat made from silky soft Toscana lamb only weighs 56 ounces.

Only 130 pieces worldwide: Pure 5-ply cashmere, undyed.

Perfect fit in bust and waist. Thanks to 3 different “cup” sizes.

A holiday for your feet – in goatskin so soft it could be used for gloves.

Dyed and knitted by hand: Rare Sleeping Beauty pattern in a lovely range of colours.

20 years of Bogner Leather. The anniversary bag is a classic yet trendier than ever.

Perfect fit for your calf. Versatile and comfy. With ultra-lightweight, non-slip sole.

Original design from the archives of one of the oldest tartan weavers.

Often imitated, never duplicated - Roidal’s perfect gradation of colours.

Incredibly stylish beach sandals with minimal aesthetic.

Flowery, fruity, woody and exceptionally feminine. “First” – the first fragrance worldwide by a jeweller.

Four-piece running and fitness outfit comprising a soft shell jacket, leggings, sports bra and tank top.

Elegant version of the popular sterling silver chain necklace, impressive in size and weight.

For ladies and men.

The original Akubra, with a fine kangaroo-leather hatband and opal triplet.

The 24-hour blazer: Appropriate for business, casual with jeans, elegant in the evening. And washable, too.

Jumper with a rare basketweave pattern: Thick 3D design. Summer light material.

Slimmer looking thanks to 20% elastane. Visibly flattering thanks to the clever pattern and cut.

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