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30°C Stretch Jeans

Now perfect for hot summer weather too. With 2% elastane for 100% more comfort.

Starting at £ 69
Now Starting at £ 49

Strenesse Chic Chinos

The chic way to wear chinos. Elegant fabric. Feminine cut. By Strenesse.

£ 205

Strenesse Flared Jeans

Flared jeans 2.0: Elegant instead of hippy style. Clean and chic. With fashionable trims.

£ 205

Acynetic Knit Jeans

Comfortable? Stylish? Both! By the “Godfather of Denim”: Adriano Goldschmied.

£ 105

Goldbergh Couture Sports Jacket or Softshell Stirrup Trousers

Sporty streetwear or stylish sportswear? Both! By Dutch fashion press favourite, Goldbergh.

e. g. Softshell Stirrup Trousers
Starting at £ 219
Now Starting at £ 149

Plein Sud Jeanius Blazer, Trousers or Black Dress

Feminine figure flattering cut and wonderfully comfortable. Design by Plein Sud Jeanius, France.

e. g. Trousers
£ 209

Brax Stirrup Trousers “Houndstooth”

Stirrup trousers 2.0: Contemporary fit, timeless houndstooth pattern and more comfortable than ever.

£ 109

Les Copains Flannel Stretch Trousers

Fashionable slim-style in shorter length – ideal for numerous trendy outfits. By Les Copains.

£ 249

Christies Shaping Stretch Trousers

Finally: Leggings that give a really good silhouette! Shaping leggings by Christies, the Italian specialist.

£ 169

Raphaela by Brax Premium Jeggings

The elegant alternative to jeggings. Perfect fit, no baggy knees.

£ 65
Now £ 45

Blue Denim Jeggings

Jeggings: As comfy as leggings. Look like skinny jeans.

£ 50

Strenesse White Business Jeans

Jeans for the office? Very few really make the cut. Crisp white. Clean cut. Perfect fit. By Strenesse.

£ 179

Ilse Jacobsen Harem Leggings

Harem leggings: Fashionable trousers for every day (and every occasion). By Ilse Jacobsen, Denmark.

£ 75

Ruby Yaya Hippy Style Blouse or Ethnic Palazzo Trousers

Elegant hippy-ethnic look from international trend label Ruby Yaya. And yet still affordable.

e. g. Style Blouse
£ 119

Silver® Jersey Jeans

Authentic jeans appearance, but with the feel of yoga trousers. Exceptionally fine jeans, by Silver®, Canada.

£ 119

Anikas “Bollerbuks”, 7/8 length

Nothing is comfier. “Bollerbuks” trousers.

£ 59

Mason’s Jacquard Summer Chinos

Perfectly tailored for the female figure: Feminine chinos with summery jacquard pattern. By Mason’s.

£ 139

Aigle Outdoor Shorts

The stylish version of outdoor shorts. Functional fabric. Perfect length. Slim cut. By Aigle, France.

Starting at £ 75
Now Starting at £ 49

RAPHAELA-BY-BRAX Magic Waistband Trousers, Light blue

Probably the most comfortable trousers you’ll ever own: The Magic Waistband trousers by RAPHAELA-BY-BRAX.

£ 79

true nyc® Tunic or Stretch Jeans “Raw Denim”

Timelessly modern: The casual, elegant style of the Italian label true nyc®.

e. g. Tunic
£ 139

Arma Lamb Suede “Joggers”

Exactly the right mix of casual and feminine: “Joggers” made from luxury suede leather.

£ 509

Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess

Cool linen on the outside. Soft organic cotton on the inside. Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess.

e. g. Top
£ 145

Seductive Pull-On Trousers “Sabrina”

A proven success for more than 9 years. And it’s still a hot fashion trend. Seductive “Sabrina”

£ 159

Mason’s Chino “Minimalistic Design”

Perfectly tailored for the female figure: Feminine chinos in trendy minimalistic design. By Mason’s.

£ 129

Stonewashed Hoody, Shirt or Jersey Trousers

Piece-dyed and stone washed: Each suit is unique.

e. g. Shirt
£ 45

Silver® Jersey Jeans™, Anthracite

Authentic jeans appearance, but with a yoga trousers feel.

£ 129
Now £ 89

Circolo Jersey Blazer or Jersey Suit Trousers

Premium quality suit with the comfort of leisurewear. Fashionable knitted jersey.

e. g. Jersey Suit Trousers
£ 179

Strenesse Business Jeans “Rina”

The latest raw denim look. Clean cut. Perfect fit.

£ 159

Seductive Flared Business Trousers

Fashionable business-friendly flared trousers. Adult cut. Fine fabric. Classic black.

£ 169

RAPHAELA-BY-BRAX Magic Waistband Trousers

Probably the most comfortable trousers you’ll ever own. Plus power-stretch effect.

£ 89.95

Easywear Blazer, Skirt or Trousers

A practical suit amongst classic business suits. Easy to mix and match.

e. g. Easywear Skirt
£ 119

Stretch Flannel Trousers “Dog-Tooth Pattern”

Trendy fit and pattern. Surprisingly affordable.

£ 49

Barbara Schwarzer “Platinum” Trousers or Blazer

The clean designer suit for every day wear.

e. g. Trousers
£ 195

Luis Trenker Corduroy Knickerbockers

Corduroy makes a comeback with an alpine look: Knickerbockers.

£ 199

Silver Skinny-Jeans “Suki”

Original Silver Jeans from Canada: Perfect fit. Distinctive style.

£ 129

Linen Business Trousers

Linen trousers for work – casual, airy and flattering.

£ 79

Perfect Holiday Trousers

Lightweight, wonderfully comfortable and incredibly versatile in terms of styling.

£ 69

Raphaela by Brax Capri Comfort Jeggings

Finally: Comfortable jeggings that can also be worn with a cropped top.

£ 79.95

Silver® Joga-Jeans™, Grey

Authentic jeans appearance, but with a yoga trousers feel.

£ 129
Now £ 89

Slender Cargo Pants

Look slim – in spite of the practical cargo pockets. The secret of the asymmetrical cargo pants.

£ 79
Now £ 49

Raphaela by Brax Comfort Jeggings

Finally: Comfortable jeggings that can also be worn with a cropped top.

£ 89.90

Magic 7/8 Summer Trousers

Flatter stomach. Firm bottom. And a slender waist.

£ 109

Alma & Lovis Mix And Match Holiday Top or Trousers

A real hit in five ways: Lightweight, airy, versatile, on-trend and affordable.

e. g. Top
£ 79
Now £ 55

Magic Jeans, striped

A flat tummy, shapely rear and slim waist, with figure shaping magic jeans. In new 7/8-length.

£ 129

Seductive “Blended Wool” Business Trousers

Soft, won’t chafe, comfortably elastic, hardwearing and machine washable.

Starting at £ 159

“Faux Leather” Janice & Jo Leggings

Deceptively genuine leather look, perfect fit and great price.

£ 119
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