Velvet Ballerina Slippers

Super comfy slippers – as elegant as ballerina pumps.

In soft velvet with a leather sole and even washable.
Goodbye houseshoes! These house slippers in soft velvet are just as comfortable, but far more fashionable, glamourous and presentable. Wear them with your fitness and yoga outfits, with a negligée, with jeans and much more.
Ultra-soft – a treat for your feet.
The soft velvet snugly envelops your feet. The 12mm leather sole has a soft foam padding to cushion every step you take – it’s almost like walking on air. With elasticated opening and decorative bow trim.

Uppers, insole and lining: 80% cotton, 20% polyester. Outsole: Leather. And should they get dirty, just wash them at 30°C.

Velvet Ballerina Slippers

Colour: Black

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Order Size: 3.5-4 - (Manufacturer's Size: S)

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