Ash Platform Sandals

Ultra-light. Very comfortable. Stylish enough for the hottest beach clubs.

Weighs only 150g (5.3oz): The platform sandals from trendy fashion label Ash.

While many beach sandals are heavy and clumsy, these ultra-light platform sandals are a real fashion hit. The “it” brand Ash has inspired the fashion press and the blogging scene for years. These shoes confirm that the designer duo Leonello Calvani and Patrick Ithier have, once again, demonstrated their keen eye for setting trends:
Graphic stamped texture. Wide straps. Thick profiled sole.
The textured surface not only looks interesting, but also provides a good grip against the insole. On the inside your skin is pampered by a soft textile. And the classic black can be combined in a variety of ways with current beach fashion.

Colour: Black. Upper, insole and outer sole: PU foam. Lining: Textile.



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