Jackets, Coats & Waistcoats

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In a smart, Italian, slim cut design. For men and women.

Just wash, dry and wear, and keep on combining.

As elegant as a blazer, as comfortable as a cardigan. Classically tailored knitted jersey.

Hard to distinguish from suede, but far more resilient.

Four-piece running and fitness outfit comprising a soft shell jacket, leggings, sports bra and tank top.

Elegant fleece fashion. Simple, Scandinavian-style coat.

Super light. Yet still soft and warm.

Ultra-light, totally functional and very elegant. By RRD, Italy.

Knitted instead of woven. Made of lightweight cotton blend.

Lambskin suede as soft as a glove. Versatile shade of grey. Feminine cut.

Elegant. Light. Crease resistant. Water repellent. Warmly padded.

A worthwhile fashion investment. A current fashion highlight with the potential to become a classic.

Artful and rare Fair Isle Jacquard in 8 modern pastel shades. By Eribé, Scotland.

Irish through and through. A traditional family knitwear business since 1968. At a very affordable price.

A rarity: Cape made from fine baby alpaca – woven, not knitted. And with a rare alpaca fur trim.

Exquisite camel hair. Elegant blazer cut. Versatile colour. Endless opportunities to wear it.

Slim cut, lightweight, yet warm. Jacket made of softshell with WindProtect®.

Probably the world’s most photographed cashmere stole. Worn by royals, stars and celebrities.

Probably the lightest long cardigan you’ll ever own at just 3.2 oz. Super-fine cobweb knit with fluffy mohair.

Experience just how comfortable (and simple) a white blazer can be. Even washable.

Exceptionally colourful jacquard knit. A rarity from Serbia.

A fashion classic returns – the trench coat: The original by DAKS, London is an investment for life.

Rarely is fleece this stylish and ladylike. Scandinavian design by Henriette Steffensen, Copenhagen.

The most feminine of respectable business suits. Modern streamlined fit. Charming details.

More elegant than a cardigan. Comfier than a blazer.

Exquisite and elegant, yet tough enough to wear every day.

The classic duffle coat with a modern twist. Traditionally made in Great Britain.

The lighter it is, the more it’s worth. This short trench coat of silky soft Tuscany lamb only weighs 56 oz.

Softer, slimmer, more feminine: A facelift for the Donegal cardigan. Enhanced with 50% cashmere.

Wind-resistant Thermotech® fleece at its most elegant. Functional nautical chic.

Slimmer. Lighter. Softer. With new colour accents.

My Herzallerliebst transforms traditional Bavarian attire into high fashion. Slimmer. Lighter. Softer.

The velvet blazer for every day. You can even pop it in the washer.

The stylish riding jacket for everyday. City chic. Water-repellent. Warm lining.

The traditional Kinsale cloak from Ireland: The comfortable and exceptional protection against the cold.

More valuable the lighter it is. This short coat made from silky soft Toscana lamb only weighs 56 ounces.

Streamlined cut. Perfect fit. Charming details. The feminine version of a classic virgin wool blazer.

Water repellent and breathable. Easy to store and wonderfully light. Washable and quick to dry.

Functionality is rarely this stylish. Breathable, softshell fabric that’s wind and waterproof. Danish design.

The probably lightest reversible cardigan you’ll ever own weighs a mere 3.5 ounces.

More appropriate, prettier and more pleasant to wear in the heat of summer than any other jacket.

A work of art from the Andes. Hand-embroidered and hand-knitted in 7 colours.

Affordable luxury: The 2-ply cardigan in Mongolian cashmere.

The work of art from the Andes. Cardigan in precious alpaca. Hand knitted in 33 colours.

As comfortable as a cardigan – as proper as a blazer.

Your absolutely lightest cardigan only weighs 2.8 oz. Rare, super fine cobweb knit with fluffy mohair.

As luxurious as a couture jacket. As versatile as a denim jacket. And as comfortable as a cardigan.

The 24-hour blazer: Appropriate for business, casual with jeans, elegant in the evening. And washable, too.