Dresses, Skirts & Suits

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Liu Jo Lace Shirt Dress “Maritime”

Sporty. Plain. But more elegant (and more feminine) than most maritime looks. By Liu Jo, Italy.

£ 139

cavalli CLASS Vestaglietta

The housedress celebrates a fashion comeback. Incomparably elegant and seductively feminine by cavalli CLASS.

£ 459

Paule Ka Couture Dress

The feminine elegance of the 1950s. ­Relaunched by Pari­sian label Paule Ka.

£ 359

Silk Crushed Summer Dress

A summer dress made of pure silk. Totally easy-care. No wrinkles, iron-free and completely opaque.

£ 219

Lagerfeld Wool and Silk Suit

Fine wool cloth with silk. Fashionable pattern. Original Lagerfeld.

£ 549

Amant Maitresse Jersey Skirt

The jersey skirt with French chic. Feminine and elegant. Comfortable and casual.

£ 159

Strenesse Shift Dress

Classic clean cut. Fashionable ­colour. Contemporary fabric. The perfect shift dress is made by Strenesse.

£ 299

Animapop Reversible Dress

1 dress – 2 looks. The uncomplicated reversible dress.

£ 155

Key West Functional Skort

Skort: Skirt on the outside, shorts on the inside. Ingenious functional skirt by Key West, Copenhagen.

£ 59

Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess

Cool linen on the outside. Soft organic cotton on the inside. Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess.

e. g. Top
£ 145

Tencel® Maxi Dress

Rare and elegant jersey dress. Silky Tencel® jersey. Fashionable maxi silhouette.

£ 139

Pluto Fine Towelling Dress

Elegant fine towelling dress for the beach, spa, at home ... By Pluto.

£ 135

Sunspel Mesh Dress

Wearing black at 30°C in the shade? Yes! The polo collar dress made from airy cotton mesh. By Sunspel, England.

£ 129

Circolo Jersey Blazer or Jersey Suit Trousers

Premium quality suit with the comfort of leisurewear. Fashionable knitted jersey.

e. g. Jersey Suit Trousers
£ 179

KD-Klaus Dilkrath Jersey Dress

Flattering fit. Travel-friendly fabric. Great price.

£ 109

Twin-Set Knit Godet Skirt

Comfortable flattering knitted skirt with godet pleats.

£ 129

Easywear Blazer, Skirt or Trousers

A practical suit amongst classic business suits. Easy to mix and match.

e. g. Easywear Skirt
£ 119

Strenesse Silk Blouse or Skirt “Black & White”

It’s often hard to find such a perfectly matching fashion combination. Trendy minimalistic pattern mix.

e. g. Skirt
£ 299

Safiyaa Metal Belt or Suit

The spectacular cape suit by Safiyaa has red carpet potential.

e. g. Safiyaa Metal Belt
£ 229

Strenesse Graphically Textured Skirt

Who would have thought a serious classic could be this modern: The casual, textured skirt by Strenesse.

£ 339

Bogner Fire + Ice Down Skirt

Frost protection for winter sports. An eye-catcher for everyday outfits.

£ 179

Barbara Schwarzer Graphic Pattern Dress

Elegant designer dress for everyday wear or occasions.

£ 239

Eribé Fair Isle Knitted Dress

Partially patterned insert. Pastel colours. Flattering style.

£ 169

kidneykaren Midi

Bandeau top, minidress, tube skirt, kidney warmer, ...

£ 16.95
Now £ 10

Shelley Komarov Travel Dress “Pleated”

Well dressed with little effort. Comfy, easy to clean and yet still elegant.

£ 339

Michèle Travel Skirt

The ideal skirt for travelling and for everyday wear.

£ 99

Strenesse Textured Skirt

Chunky texture, gentle lustre: This is how elegant (and fashionable) a classic skirt can be.

£ 149

Dana Pisarra Kaftan

Natural colour and lace instead of multicoloured motifs. Slimline instead of billowing.

£ 209

Barbara Schwarzer Everyday Dress

Elegant designer dress for everyday wear or occasions.

£ 259

icke, Berlin Photo Print Melon Skirt

A real show-stopper – melon skirt by icke, Berlin. Featuring a photo print in mini-series.

£ 79

Barbara Schwarzer LBD

A little black dress for everyday wear: Low-crease, washable and suitcase friendly.

£ 239

Saint James “Maille Damier” Knitted Dress

Rich deep blue colour. Silky, shimmering merino wool. Eye-catching pattern.

£ 219

Michèle Wool-Jersey Skirt

A new, lightweight tweed look – in soft wool jersey. Perfect for the current flared skirt style.

£ 109

Michèle Holiday Skirt

Crease-resistant. Washable. Non-iron. Can be styled for any occasion.

£ 89

Embroidered Crashed Silk Dress

A summer dress in pure silk. Yet extremely fuss-free. Crease-resistant, non-iron and absolutely opaque.

£ 185

Business-Blazer or Trousers

The most feminine of respectable business suits. Modern streamlined fit. Charming details.

e. g. Trousers
£ 119

Komarov Travel Dress “Drapé”

Comfy and crease-free, yet still elegant. By Emmy Award winner Shelly Komarov, L. A.

£ 129

Lola Paltinger Pencil Shapewear Skirt “Starry Sky”

Starry skies as a stylish print. Invisible sculpting power. Skirt and shapewear in one.

£ 39

Terry Relax Dress

As easy-going as loungewear. But with a lot more charm.

£ 115

Michèle Basic Skirt

This comfortable skirt can be worn with any style and to any event.

£ 109

Holiday Dress (without Hip Wrap)

The easy-care holiday dress.

£ 39

8 Ounce Dress

Tastefully elegant. Refreshingly breathable. Delightfully stretchy.

£ 159

Silk Jersey Slip

A comfortable and elastic slip made in pure silk. More attractive, comfortable and airier than synthetics.

£ 49

Ibiza Dress

Comfortable and feminine. Romantic and sexy. The original from Ibiza.

£ 249