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The spectacular cape suit by Safiyaa has red carpet potential.

Who would have thought a serious classic could be this modern: The casual, textured skirt by Strenesse.

Frost protection for winter sports. An eye-catcher for everyday outfits.

Elegant designer dress for everyday wear or occasions.

Partially patterned insert. Pastel colours. Flattering style.

Perfectly fashioned, airy, lightweight knitted dress.

The designer dress for everyday wear and virtually any occasion.

Bandeau top, minidress, tube skirt, kidney warmer, ...
£ 16.95

Well dressed with little effort. Comfy, easy to clean and yet still elegant.

The ideal skirt for travelling and for everyday wear.

Chunky texture, gentle lustre: This is how elegant (and fashionable) a classic skirt can be.

Natural colour and lace instead of multicoloured motifs. Slimline instead of billowing.

More elegant and versatile than most summer dresses. Perfect fabrics. Simple design. Adjustable belt.

Elegant designer dress for everyday wear or occasions.

A real show-stopper – melon skirt by icke, Berlin. Featuring a photo print in mini-series.

A little black dress for everyday wear: Low-crease, washable and suitcase friendly.

Rich deep blue colour. Silky, shimmering merino wool. Eye-catching pattern.

A new, lightweight tweed look – in soft wool jersey. Perfect for the current flared skirt style.

Sheath dress & Plauen Lace® – 2 fashion legends in one.

Crease-resistant. Washable. Non-iron. Can be styled for any occasion.

A summer dress in pure silk. Yet extremely fuss-free. Crease-resistant, non-iron and absolutely opaque.

The most feminine of respectable business suits. Modern streamlined fit. Charming details.

Comfy and crease-free, yet still elegant. By Emmy Award winner Shelly Komarov, L. A.

Starry skies as a stylish print. Invisible sculpting power. Skirt and shapewear in one.

An immortal classic – and now a top trend.

As easy-going as loungewear. But with a lot more charm.

This comfortable skirt can be worn with any style and to any event.

The easy-care holiday dress.

Tastefully elegant. Refreshingly breathable. Delightfully stretchy.

A comfortable and elastic slip made in pure silk. More attractive, comfortable and airier than synthetics.

Maxi skirt and bandeau dress in one. An original from Ibiza.
£ 165

Comfortable and feminine. Romantic and sexy. The original from Ibiza.