Oroblu Colour-Tights

Top quality by Oroblu of Italy.

Opaque tights in black.
These tights are beautifully soft and fit your body like a second skin without wrinkling. The surface has an elegant sheen and is unusually smooth – there is just no comparison to dull materials which make your skirt ride up and which your fingernails often snag on.
The tights are highly elastic and fit perfectly, thanks to 10% elastane.
No matter how hard these tights are stretched, the colour remains uniform all over and there are not unattractive cloudy patches. You would easily pay more than £25 for opaque tights in this quality. With invisible sandal heel, perfect to wear with open shoes.
50 denier. 90% polyamide, 10% elastane. Handwash. By Oroblu of Italy.

Oroblu Colour-Tights

Colour: Black

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Order Size: 3.5-6.5 - (Manufacturer's Size: S/M)

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£ 13VAT incl., plus flat rate p. + p.

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