Loevenich 2-Variety Beanie

One beanie –two looks: Casual beanie or trendy turban.

The all-rounder by specialists, Loevenich, German hat makers since 1960.

The clever gathers are the fashionable highlight of this beanie: Worn at the back as a beanie, it ensures the perfect loose, casual fit. Turn the gathers to the front, and the beanie becomes a chic turban. Without further investment, you are wearing the top trend – and will have no regrets if it passes soon.
The wool, enriched with cashmere, is wonderfully soft.
The price for this type of quality and finish is surprisingly low. The beanie is knitted in the round in one piece, with thick and even purl stitches. Invisibly fixed gathers. Fine and flat quilted edge.

90% wool, 10% cashmere.


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