LeJu London Ethnic Bracelets, Set of 3

  • Real craftsmanship.
  • Perfectly harmonising set of three.

Trendy ethnic bracelets are rarely so authentic (or so elegant).

Hand-knotted with silver and gemstones in Colombia. Designed by trend label LeJu London.

The unique, filigree pieces of jewellery from the London label are coveted throughout England. The design is inspired by the many trips to South America by the co-founder and designer Lenny Trines – by the colours and shapes of nature and the traditional jewellery of the indigenous people.
Real craftsmanship.
The Fair Trade-certified bracelets are crafted by Colombian artisans using traditional knotting, braiding and weaving techniques. With great attention to detail – and with precious embellishments of genuine gemstones and gilded or rose gold-plated 925 sterling silver.
Perfectly harmonising set of three.
Each unique in colour and design. The drawstring fastener has a moisture-proof wax coating so you can wear the bracelets while you’re out for a swim, under the shower or in the pool.

Width of the individual bracelets between 0.4cm (0.2") and 1cm (0.4"). Length adjustable from 16cm (6.3") to 23cm (9.1"). The set of three weighs about 4g (0.1 oz). Elegantly put on a velvet cushion in a stylish jewellery box – also ideal as a gift.



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