Sly 010 Stretch Silk Tunic

The elegant and timeless one among tunics. Made of top quality, hardwearing stretch silk. By Sly 010.

£ 299

Business Bag Any Di

This is how stylish (and versatile) a business bag can be. Made from precious nubuck leather.

£ 769

Sun Cover Any Di

The sun cover protects your expensive sunglasses.

£ 69

28 oz Reindeer Leather Jacket

A mere 28 ounces: Rare reindeer calf nappa – silky soft and yet surprisingly hardwearing.

£ 799

Softshell Trousers, Men

Thanks to softshell these trousers are slim, light and still warm. And good looking, too.

£ 59

Fine Canvas Trousers

More elegant and airy than denim. But rugged enough not to appear too fancy.

£ 69

Ilse Jacobsen Raincoat

Functionality is rarely this stylish. Breathable, softshell fabric that’s wind and waterproof. Danish design.

£ 179

Aigle Fleece Blazer

Wind-resistant Thermotech® fleece at its most elegant. Functional nautical chic.

Starting at £ 109
Now Starting at £ 75

Swim & Dry Swim Shorts

The swim shorts that never stick to the body. And are never too loud.

£ 45

Delsiena GIZA Cotton Shirt

Rare Egyptian GIZA 87 cotton: Extra-long staple. Delicate. And super soft.

£ 125
Now £ 85

Smedley Striped Twin Set, pink/violet

Pure luxury in precious Sea Island cotton. Trendy colours, trendy stripes.

£ 259

Hiltl Seersucker Bermuda Shorts

Twice as airy. Ultra stylish: Seersucker bermuda shorts in nautical style.

£ 109

Cotton Scarf

Pure cotton. Made in Ireland. The perfect summer scarf is made by Carbery from Clonakilty.

£ 25

Fashy AquaFeel Ladies or Men's Pool Shoe

Non-slip on wet surfaces. Antibacterial to combat athlete’s foot.

e. g. Woman
£ 29

Project E-Polo

The polo shirt favoured by the stars. The “distressed” polo shirt.

Starting at £ 79

Chain Necklace or Bracelet

Elegant version of the popular sterling silver chain necklace, impressive in size and weight.

e. g. Bracelet
£ 189

Pluto Couture Style Pyjamas

A couture example of pyjamas. Incredibly feminine and elegant. From Belgian lingerie specialist Pluto.

£ 149

SunSelect® T-shirt, Women

Looks good, feels good and has the same effect as a good sun cream.

£ 35

Oroblu Fine Net Tights

This is how elegant net tights can be. Subtle, tasteful and yet seductively eye-catching.

£ 12.90

Norwegian Pullover “Glittertind” for women or men

Developed for an expedition to the South Pole: Water-repellent, windproof and breathable.

e. g. Women
£ 329

Ixli Travel Slippers “Keralys” or “Romantik”

Bright florals instead of plain and boring.

e. g. “Romantik”
£ 12.90

Ramatuelle Swimming Trunks

Water repellent, fast drying, high tech fabric. Yet as soft and beautiful as cotton.

£ 59

Anikas “Bollerbuks”, 7/8 length

Nothing is comfier. “Bollerbuks” trousers.

£ 59

Hackett London Velospeed Jacket

It is rare to find such a classic in modern-day collections. Velospeed jacket by Hackett London.

£ 449

Strenesse White Business Jeans

Jeans for the office? Very few really make the cut. Crisp white. Clean cut. Perfect fit. By Strenesse.

£ 179

M Missoni Wave Knit Dress, Candy Colour

M Missoni’s wave knit classic in contemporary summer trend colours. Perfectly fashioned Dress.

£ 359

Smart-Casual Summer Jumper

Only 150g (5.3 oz) and incredibly versatile. Airy fine knit jumper made of cotton and linen.

£ 99

Shaping Summer Body

Gently shaping and wonderfully lightweight and airy. Shaping body made from breathable, woven mesh fabric.

£ 45

Ruby Yaya Hippy Style Blouse or Ethnic Palazzo Trousers

Elegant hippy-ethnic look from international trend label Ruby Yaya. And yet still affordable.

e. g. Style Blouse
£ 119

Palladium Canvas Boots

Enduring design. Indestructible quality. Cult status since 1947. Now hot and fashionable again.

£ 55

Cordwainer Braided Shoe

As formal as a traditional business shoe, but much more airy. By Cordwainer, Spain.

£ 259

Zimmerli Double-Face Leisure Suit

This is how stylish a comfortable leisure suit can be. By Zimmerli.

£ 279

Flip*Flop® Cross Strap Sandals

Just as comfortable as real flip flops – but much more elegant.

£ 27

flip*flop® Originals for Women

Only these toe sandals may really be called flip-flops.

£ 23

flip*flop® Originals for Men

Only these toe sandals may really be called flip-flops.

£ 23

Swimsuit “Animal Print” With Slimming Effect

More slimming thanks to 20% Xtralife-Lycra®. Visually flattering thanks to a clever pattern and cut.

£ 69

Sebago® Women’s Water Shoes

Water shoes that look like sneakers: Perfect for water sports and boating. Lightweight. Air & water permeable.

£ 79

Sebago® Men’s Water Shoes

Water shoes that look like sneakers: Perfect for water sports and boating. Lightweight.

£ 79

Stetson Silk Ivy Cap

More elegant and airier than so many others: The ivy hat made from pure silk. Made by Stetson.

£ 89

Bailey of Hollywood Straw Fedora

The fedora hat of Hollywood stars. By Bailey of Hollywood. Hatmaker since 1922.

£ 135

Dorani Sunshade Shirt

This is how stylish (and even suitable for business) the hip retro look can be. By Dorani.

£ 99

Pellens & Loick Scarf with a mix of Patterns

The elegant one among fashionable scarves with mixed patterns. German design made in Italy.

£ 69

van Laack Linen T-Shirt

Your natural air conditioning on hot days: The T-shirt made of pure linen. By van Laack.

£ 85

Hoal Chic Chinos

More stylish, more comfortable chinos would be a rare find. From trousers specialists, Hoal, Germany.

£ 119

Andrea Zori Calf Suede Leather Belt

A rare find: A basic suede leather belt made of the best calfskin shoe leather. Made in Italy.

£ 109

Spektre Mirrored Sunglasses

This season’s must-have: Coloured, mirrored sunglasses. The label of the stars: Spektre.

£ 130
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